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Meet Rachael!

I specialize in natural lived in blondes, hand tied weft extensions, Microlines hair integration system, and making you feel beautiful!


As the owner, Rachael is the first to say hi when you walk in the door, ask how you have been, and will always try to put a smile on your face!


"Honestly I didn't always want to be a hairstylist! I went to beauty school during high school to have a job during college.

The first day I got to make someone look and feel beautiful was it! I fell in love with the people in my chair and the ability to make someone smile and feel their absolute best! That is my passion, not the hair itself, but improving someone's mood and making them feel good about themselves."


Any down time I have is filled with continued education. If I haven't learned it, I find where I can learn. If there is a need for a new product/technique, I find where I can learn. There is never enough education according to me.

I am fueled by venti shaken espresso from Starbucks and going to the gym when I can. Finding any other downtime with a busy schedule is hard, but when I can sit on my patio with a good book, a big ole cup of coffee, and my puppy is the highlight of my week!

Natural blonde balayage and extentions are my jam!! You want dream hair? I got you! Whether it be brightening and lengthening or thickening and covering thin spots due to alopecia, lets chat. There is an option for everyone, you don't have to settle for mediocre hair.  I would love the opportunity to make you hair dreams come true!


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