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Nail Services

Keeping you forever vacation ready.

Dry Plants

Basic Pedicure


Get a massage while soaking in one of our pedicure thrones, we then trim and shape your nails, clean up your cuticles, apply lotion, and polish.

Acrylic Overlay Full Set


Choose between having a natural set with Shellac polish or a classic pink and white French set.

House Pedicure


Includes  all of the express pedicure plus, callus smoothing, and a massage.

Lux Pedicure


Includes all of the house pedicure plus your choice of a mask with hot towels or a paraffin wax treatment, and a longer massage.

Basic Manicure


Includes filing and shaping the nail, cuticle care, a massage and a polish of your choice.

Acrylic Rebalance


Rebalance your acrylic nails to keep them strong and looking fresh.

Plexigel Full Set


Plexigel is a soft gel overlay that helps strengthen your natural nail with the sturdiness of a hard gel.

Plexigel Rebalance


Rebalance your Plexigel nails to keep them in shape and looking their best.

Shellac Manicure


Enjoy your manicure with the longevity and strength of shellac polish.

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