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Relax and Enjoy


$45 - 30 min   $75 - 60 min    $110 - 90 min 

A Swedish massage technique that involves long, kneading strokes combined with rhythmic tapping strokes and movement of the joints. This type of massage targets the uppermost layer of muscles and aims to relieve muscle tension. 


$45 - 30 min      $75 - 60 min

Lymphatic drainage massage relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.


$50 - 30 min   $80 - 60 min

A sports massage focuses on enhancing circulation, increasing tissue elasticity and reducing muscle tension that builds up over time during rigorous activities.


$55 - 30 min      $85 - 60 min

Similar to the Swedish massage with all the same strokes and movements. This helps alleviate back and leg pain, aids in reducing labor pain during childbirth and lessens postoperative pain, reducing anxiety and stress. Helps improve mood and lifts depression along with easing insomnia.

Stress and Migraine

$60 - 30 min

Using gentle pressure along with cool wraps and cooling gel, we can ease the pain and tension associated with headaches and migraines. 

Deep Tissue

$55 - 30 min  $90 - 60 min   $130 - 90 min   $160 - 120 min

Deep tissue massage targets chronic tension in muscles that lie far below the body's surface. This technique involves slow strokes and direct pressure that flow across the muscle grain. It helps with reducing stress and tension that can impact blood pressure, and also improves the production of serotonin that helps boost good feelings and happiness.


$95 -60 min    $120 - 90 min

Using round cups placed directly on the skin, the therapist creates a suction which increases blood circulation to the area the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, improve overall blood flow, and promote cell repair.

Hot Stone

$ 110 - 60 min       $145 - 90 min  

With the use of smooth heated stones placed on specific points on your body and also using the stones as an aid in massage, the heat loosens your muscles and reduces inflammation common with muscle spasms.


$40 - 30 min

Like adults, children benefit from massage to help them to keep moving! Massage improves muscle flexibility and range of motion. It is a sleep improver, and a refreshed child is an energized and happy child. 

Available for ages 5-10



Add on to any massage service to add to the relaxing experience.

~Hand and Foot Scrub

~Localized Cupping

Body Scrub and Massage

$150 - 110 min

Pamper your skin with our luxurious body scrub to help with dry flaky skin and leave your body moisturized and relaxed.

Starting with dry brushing and a body scrub to loosen all those dead skin cells. Then you will be cocooned with a thermal wrap while you receive a neck and scalp massage. After we remove the scrub we massage any remaining tension out of your muscles and leave you feeling great! 

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